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Bangkok Flooded!

The Last Entry Before Home

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I've been spending my final few days in Bangkok doing a lot of wandering around and shopping, buying some things I didn't want to haul around earlier in my trip, and basically spending too much money. I even ate at Subway today, the first time I broke down and ate fast food. As I was walking down Khao San Road earlier today, I noticed the skies were getting progressively darker, and some street vendors had begun to cover their goods with plastic. It was obviously going to rain, but I've never in my life seen rain like this.

It started innocently enough, just sprinkling, but within a couple minutes it started really coming down. This has happened before and it's fun to watch, everyone scurries to find cover and watches the rain pound down, and then it suddenly stops ten minutes later. But this time it just kept getting progressively more violent, and some vendors were struggling to keep their tarps in place. So we're all waiting and waiting. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, there's no end in sight. By this point, I've realized that Khao San Road itself must be lower than the surrounding streets, because water is starting to pool up faster than the storm drains can swallow it. The water keeps creeping up, getting closer to the top of the curb until it disappears and the entire street is just a pool of water. It was six inches deep in the middle of the street, probably a foot and a half at the edges. Some vendors had a fair bit of their merchandise ruined, and there was a bookstore that had a whole row of books on the bottom shelf get soaked. But in true Thai fashion, no one was angry, and I'm sure it wasn't the first time it's happened. It also thankfully cooled everything down. Usually a day spent walking around Bangkok means a shower and a change of clothes by the end of the day. It was definitely a sight though, and just when I thought all the excitement of my trip had passed me by. Some pics:


Khao San Road incapacitated.


There goes the curb ..


The stranded street vendor!


Unrelated, but I wanted to post it. On the flight from Colombo to Bangkok.

Other than my first flood experience, not too much has happened. I met up with an American guy last night that I had travelled with for about ten days in Vietnam. He was on his way back from California to South Africa, his adopted home, and we randomly managed to meet up again. That'll surely be the last familiar face I'll see before I go home, now only two days away.

I remember eating breakfast on my first morning in Bangkok four and half months ago, and I couldn't even fathom what it would be like to be going home. I've wandered through five countries, seen things I'll never forget and met amazing people that have succeeded in making the time I've spent here the best of my entire life. A handful of them I wish I could take back home with me, and I find myself cursing the fact that some of them I will probably never see again in my life. Thankfully we have the internet. As for myself, I'm sure I've changed, but I'll save that judgement for everyone back home.

So that's it. This is the last entry. Hopefully I'll get around to seeing everyone within a couple weeks, as I'll be in Abbotsford probably until March when I move back to Van and find a job. Thank you to everyone who found the time to read this, leave comments, send me emails and good wishes; it helped ward off homesickness like you wouldn't believe.

So thanks again and I'll see you all soon!

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That's too bad if the flood caused a lot of damage, but other than that... it's COOL that you got to see that, man!

Nooo! I don't want your blog to end! I vote that you just continue the blog entries into your normal everyday life, haha.

Well, this is it.
It was definitely a great way to follow your trip, Sam, and you did a great job, you write a nice blog, gotta say :)

Have a good flight home and I can't wait to hear about your experience readapting to the Canadian life!

by parisa

That flood is incredible! How dare we think we get heavy rains here! Ha! Well, it'll be different not looking for your blogs anymore, Sam, but it'll be good to have you home. It sounds like you've made some lifelong friendships. Yes, the internet will help. Something tells me you'll be seeing them again, though! Have a smooth flight home. We'll see you in a bit! Love Janie, Gerry, Brock and Bekki.

by Janie J

Oh Sam what a time - we can't wait to see you and hear first hand all your experiences and pics! See you at the airport!

by momdad17

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